Our new loft extension is already proving to be the best possible investment we have made in our house.

The loft bedroom, bathroom and dressing room extension not only gives us extra space, but it balances out our house dimensions which adds practical and financial value. Loftplan also combined two first floor bedrooms into one and fitted glazed oak banisters throughout the house.

Loftplan are very reliable and they did what they promised all within the original quote.They also went out of their way to making sure that we were happy with everything before they sent their final bill.

Their various teams involved in the project were always courteous and on time and their quality of work is excellent.

The fact they project managed everything with the right people and materials being on site at the right time was a huge bonus and took any stress out of the job for us as we lived in the house while the work was taking place.

Overall a great experience.



Steve Carman, Maidenhead,

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