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November 20, 2015

Why Improving is better than Moving

When in need of more space and a fresh new feel to their home, most people are quick to jump to the idea of moving house. This week on the Loftplan blog we wanted to investigate why you should think twice about moving, when the answer could be right under your nose. We take a look at why improving is better than moving.

How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost?

Soaring property prices and the big costs of relocating are preventing many people climbing the housing ladder. Now more and more of us are instead opting to extend our homes. It is becoming increasingly hard to upgrade to a larger property for many reasons – from the unstoppable rise in house prices, the lack of decent properties. The sheer expense of moving house, from stamp duty to solicitors’ fees does make you wonder if it is worth it.

A growing number of homeowners are deciding that the money that would be spent on moving costs would be better spent on improving what they already have. It seems that many of these homeowners are realising that more space in the form of a loft conversion is excellent value for money. A loft conversion built to bespoke specifications and tailored to your needs offers enjoyment for the duration you are in the property and will also add significant value when you do finally come to sell it.

An added bonus of a loft conversion when compared to moving house is that every penny you spend, you reap back in terms of a tangible product, unlike that paid to an estate agent or to the taxman!

Less Stress Than Moving House

One thing that everybody knows is that moving house comes with something that is very much unwanted – stress. The initial excitement you get from having an offer put in on your home quickly turns flat when delaying with solicitors, estate agents and removal companies. It’s been well reported in the news that moving house is one of life’s most stressful events – which is why on average we only do it 8 times during our lifetime.
At Loftplan we do our uttermost to ensure that the completion of your loft conversion is as stress free as possible. Our specialists ensure that from design to build, we work efficiently and professionally, as we know that to get the job done is of vital importance. It’s also worth noting that most the loft conversion can be done from the outside, meaning that the disruption caused to your home life can be minimised. The same can definitely not be said for moving house!


Another less obvious reason that people decide to move house is so they have a blank canvas to work on, and a new project to carry out. The idea of having a brand new personal space to design can be a very attractive one.

Although a new house provides you with many rooms to play with, a loft conversion really is a blank canvas that can be anything you want it to be. Do you want an extra bathroom or bedroom, or maybe an office or home cinema? It really can be anything – even if your ideas are a little wild!

A Telegraph columnist commented that loft conversions “used to be predictable and boring, but now interior designers are using them to add light, drama and value to our homes.” Loft conversions became more common in the 70s and while the first generation left a lot to be desired, today they are often regarded as character centrepieces of the home.

The Winner

It seems the overall winner is the loft conversion. They are a lot less costly, a lot less stressful and still having the ability to make your new space anything you want it to be – the easier way to reinvent your home!

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