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August 17, 2015

Welcome to the all-new Loftplan website!

Hello and welcome to all the new Loftplan website. We’ve done a make-over on our old online appearance and created a brand-spanking new look for our online home. The make-over was designed to keep the Loftplan team the best known loft conversion specialists in the south of England.

The all-new website features this blog section which we’ll update once per week to keep up up-to-date on all the latest home-improvement news and decorating tips. We’ll also be explaining ways that the Loftplan team can help you with your loft conversion needs.

Loftplan reviews

The website now also features regular testimonials from our happy and very satisfied customers. You can find all the Loftplan Reviews here. Also featured on the new website are some fantastic Loftplan galleries of our work. This way you can look at the pictures and see the level of workmanship involved in our loft conversions.

Our services are all covered and this includes sections about surveys, the design process right through to construction and completion. All in all we hope you find the new website a useful hub of information about loft conversions.

The benefits of a loft conversion

We hope our new website will help people realise the benefits of a loft conversion. The extra space is only one factor, the impact on the desirability of your property can change radically with a loft conversion, often, your house price will rise rapidly.

Depending on what you do with the loft, and the choices are endless, you can also improve your standard of living massively. Some Loftplan customers even use a loft conversion to generate income by creating a living space for a lodger. The choice is yours, and the team at Loftplan are only too happy to put some life into your loft.

About Loftplan

Established in 1990, Loftplan have been successfully bringing lofts to life for 30 years, and are the leading loft conversions specialist in the south of England.

Our professional service of expert loft conversion design, high quality craftsmanship, and attentive customer care ensures that your loft conversion is created to achieve its greatest potential; installed with both efficiency and minimal inconvenience.

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