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August 21, 2015

4 Loft conversion ideas from Loftplan

Here at Loftplan we do around 20 loft conversion every month, and we see extra loft space utilised for all sorts of reasons. If you’ve got some room in your loft space and you’re looking for ideas on what to do with it this blogpost might help as we look at some of the most popular loft conversion ideas. Read on to find out more…

Office space

A home office is a really good addition to a house, with more and more people able to work from home a dedicated space in the house to work is a popular choice. With the rise of broadband making remote working possible, working from home continues to grow each year. Flexible working is a buzz word in HR circles and as time marches on we’ll see more and more people work from home. So, turning your unused loft space into an office is a very popular choice at the moment.

A home office isn’t just popular for those working full time jobs from home, it’s also a boon for those who are either studying full or part time or those who sometimes freelance. You’ll find the home office useful for younger members of the family who might be studying too.


Extra bedroom space in your loft is always a popular choice for those people seeking our loft conversion services. The great advantage of this type of loft conversion is that it can add massive value to your property. Of course, this on top of the extra space that you gain from converting your loft.

Moving house to get an extra bedroom is often out of the question for some families, with rising property prices and a competitive market many families are realising the benefits of converting their loft space. A bedroom in the loft is often done when a family expands with the addition of a baby, or alternatively when an older relative moves in. Either way, an extra bedroom in the loft is always a good idea.

Living Room

Living room in the loft? Sounds a wacky idea to some, but more and more at Loftplan we’re finding that for a variety of reasons, people are turning their houses upside down! One of the explanations to this is that with elderly relatives moving in the downstairs of the house often has to host a bedroom out of necessity. That means that the traditional living room often moves upstairs.


Children love to have a playroom and it’s even more exciting if the playroom is housed in the converted loft! The team at Loftplan are experts at designing and building the most safe, comfortable and exciting playrooms in unused loft space.

About Loftplan

Established in 1990, Loftplan have been successfully bringing lofts to life for 30 years, and are the leading loft conversions company in the south of England. Get in touch with us today to book your design visit for a loft conversion quote.

Our professional service consists of expert loft conversion design, high quality craftsmanship, and attentive customer care. Our aim is to ensure that your loft conversion is created to achieve its greatest potential; installed with both efficiency and minimal inconvenience to you.

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