In every way I am delighted with the experience we have had with Loftplan as they designed and built our two bedroom and one bathroom loft extension here in Winchester.

Both the service received throughout the build and the finished product which looks beautiful and has opened up a huge space for the family to enjoy. Even when there were issues, what really marks these guys out is the way they responded.

Always highly responsive and courteous and with a fix to any problem speedily resolved. They even changed the design at no extra cost to provide for a larger bathroom mid way through the job.

Bob, Kevin and John were leading and were truly great to have around. They took every effort to minimize any disruption and were 100% trustworthy and considerate. We had absolutely no qualms about leaving the team to get on with it while out to work. Same goes for all of the others on team, really professional and nice to have around.

Just brilliant and I’d recommend to anyone.



Tom Crawford, Winchester,

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