In our experience, good builders communicate well, rectify problems when they occur, come up with creative solutions when needed and most importantly, finish the job by seeing to the snags.

We found Loftplan to be extremely good at all these things and although the job took a long time to complete – a fault of world circumstances more than any fault of Loftplan’s – we were extremely pleased with the result which was, at the end of the day, what we cared about most.

We also really enjoyed working with Loftplan because they had pride in their work and wanted it to be good – this takes so much stress out of a build because you don’t have to be on anyone’s back chasing people to get things right.  They are doing that for you.

We had a couple of hiccups during our build that meant work had to be undone to get it right.  In previous builds, our builders have refused to unpick their work and we have had to live with it.  This time, Bob saw the problem even before we did and got the guys to re-do some work that set them back around 4 days.  This experience meant that when we spotted another problem, I didn’t have to sit up worrying all night because I knew it would be sorted out immediately.

During building projects however much you plan, problems can and do occur and for us, the way these problems are handled is the difference between having a good or bad experience.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Loftplan and if i could, I would use them for every building project we do in the future.

I would especially like to mention Ben whose cheerful manner and hard work set us off to such a good start with the company.  We were very sad when he left for another job!

Many thanks to everyone else too – everyone on site was a pleasure to have around.

As for our loft, it has definitely changed our lives already.



Suzannah Wilson, Odiham,

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