First off, we are over the moon with our loft conversion which has given us a lovely multi-purpose room for relaxing, exercising, and occasionally accommodating guests.

After a friend’s recommendation and getting quotes from similar companies, Loftplan came out on top with respect to professionalism and competitiveness in price.

The teams at Loftplan worked with us every step of the way, keeping us informed about the process and next steps.
They were friendly, respectful and completed work to a high standard.

In detail, Chris and Barney, who built the dormer, were super skilled, tidy and impressively fast.
Bob, our supervisor for the first part of the build, was brilliant in giving good advice and double-checking everything and so guaranteeing the outcome we had imagined.
A special thanks needs to go to Nicola at the office, who patiently dealt with any queries and made sure that the last stage including the snagging went smoothly.
Andy made sure our staircase was fitted with precision and speed. David did an amazing job fitting the banisters, doors and skirting boards, and Steve took thorough care of the roof works. From Adam, the plumber, to Ron, the electrician, everyone did their best to optimise the amazing space we have gained, and which we are now thoroughly enjoying.

The beauty of using Loftplan is having competent professionals coordinated under one roof.



Stephanie Morgan, Thatcham,

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