We first asked Loftplan to quote for our work a couple of years ago and decided to delay the work a little for a few reasons. We then asked them to re-quote for our conversion and have not been disappointed with the process or the end result. We undertook quite a lot of research before, including detailed reviews of previous works performed and reviews that previous customers had prepared and were happy that Loftplan suited our needs.

We asked around a few companies for quotes so that we could not only compare the price but also the process that each company took to get to the end result. We felt that as Loftplan use all their own men it would suit our requirements best.

Work started in May 2018 and right from the beginning we have been happy with the professionalism of all the workers. They have kept us informed of what work was happening and any likely issues with the build as they arose. Our little boy couldn’t get enough of Dan and Luke and couldn’t wait for them to arrive each morning!

Work took a little longer than we expected but this hasn’t been a major issue as works had all finished before baby number two arrived so we didn’t have that to worry about!

Overall we would recommend Loftplan to friends and have done already. We’re now looking forward to enjoying the beautiful space that has been built. Thank you Loftplan!



Paul Croombs, Upper Clatford,

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