We took some time deciding whether to go ahead with converting our loft.

One piece of consistent advice from what we had read and been advised by others was to select a company that specialised in loft conversions. We also wanted to choose a company with much experience of loft conversions, so that any potential construction difficulties would be easily sorted.

We’d heard positive comments about LoftPlan, and now having gone through the process ourselves would continue to highly recommend the company. (There weren’t any construction difficulties, probably because because of their specialist experience !)

We’ve been very pleased with the transformation of our dark dingy loft to a lovely light en-suite bedroom.

At all stages we were kept informed of what was going to happen. Any concerns and queries were dealt with efficiently and courteously by the office staff when we rang, and always responded to.

Inevitably there are a range of different tradesmen over the course of the process, but all were happy to take time to answer our questions and explain what they were doing. It was reassuring to know that Bob and Kevin were overseeing the work, and they too responded quickly to any queries we had.

A couple of very minor snags arose after completion which were very efficiently dealt with.

We’re extremely pleased with the outcome and pleased we chose LoftPlan.



Mrs S Walker, Guildford,

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