Dear Loftplan,

The work at my daughter’s house has now been completed and I feel I must write to say how impressed I am with the result and the quality of the workmanship. The new loft room is well designed and spacious with plenty of light and we are most impressed with the high standard of construction and attention to detail.

The stairs have fitted in better then any of us thought possible and we are pleased with the care that was taken in the building of the whole stair unit with cupboards below.

Your secret is in the professionalism of your craftsmen – Electrician, Plumber, Plasterer (A talent I’ve always marveled at!) and of course the Carpenter’s essential skills. In fact all the men involved with the construction worked efficiently and capably with no fuss and little inconvenience – despite the problems of limited access that I know exist at all property.

We will recommend Loftplan with confidence to all who are looking for an expertly designed and crafted loft conversion.

On behalf of my daughter and son-in-law, I thank you.

Mr & Mrs Mills, Camberley