We were looking for additional space as moving was so expensive just to get one extra room. With loftplan we managed to get two extra rooms and an en suite.We are incredibly happy we went with a loft conversion.

Scott helped us design the space we wanted and we couldn’t be happier with the look and build and what it has added to our home. He took note of our points and changed plans accordingly whilst offering advice and his knowledge. He came up with how to open our staircase up and it is amazing how bright and open it is.

The process took a long time, down to heavy rain in January and then Covid. Loftplan continued work when safe to do so and the workers were all very respectful when in the house and around our family. Couldn’t ask for more.

Sean the carpenter and Alan the plumber were lovely and such hard working people, we really appreciated the work they did.

It was by far the best choice and the space is amazing. We hit some snags along the way with communication of when workers would turn up, this could of been better but due to Covid alot was up in the air, which no one had control over.

We are loving our space and would highly recommend.



Lynsey Marshall, Basingstoke,

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