We couldn’t be happier with the loft that Loftplan built for us.

Our first impressions when David came to discuss the project were very positive. He was super professional and a total gentlemen.

Of the builders we sourced quotes from, Loftplan were the only one who provided full drawings of our plans, with two different choices of layout. Even then, the company was flexible as we made further changes as the work proceeded. The drawings were very important for us to understand what our loft would look like. We have several neighbours in identical houses who already had converted lofts, and assumed their way was the only way. Actually David’s plan for us was much better, particularly the way the stairs maximised space on the 1st floor and in the loft itself. Of course drawings are only drawings, and even though what David explained to us sounded really good, we couldn’t visualize it fully. Only after the work was done did we really know we had put our project into the right pair of hands.

Craig and Neil are lovely builders to be around. They worked regular hours, 8am to 4pm every working day throughout the whole 10-week project, sometimes putting in longer hours when needed. They put up our dormer frame during the wettest and windiest day possible, but their confidence and professionalism showed through their work. After that, we were fairly certain nothing much else would trouble them, and it didn’t. They were not only builders, but craftsmen, and their skill showed in the final work.

I had no worries throughout, as Craig let me know every stage of the project, and managers Bob and Kevin’s routine visits provided further reassurance that everything was going according to plan.

Dave, the young carpenter, came in to finish the stairs and wardrobes and was super skillful, but also really careful and diligent in his work.

Electricians Graham and Don were also really kind and helpful, and the water and heating system that the plumbers installed is excellent.

Dan and Mark, who came to help sometimes, also need a mention, as does the brilliant Brian, who used all his experience and skill to perfect the work when the main project was complete.

The company took complete control of the building control process, without us having to worry about a thing.

And finally the admin team is also worth mentioning. They were highly professional from beginning to the end, carefully and clearly invoicing the 6 parts of the payment. We were impressed to receive 6 formal receipts with our loft certificate soon after everything was complete.

We feel very lucky to have chosen Loftplan. There was a very strong team spirit coming through each member, and it made me feel very happy.

They are charming, decent and proud people, who seemed to have the same goal of achieving the highest standards.



Ling Bond, Overton,

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