Excellent! That’s the best way to describe Loftplan in every department.

From the initial sales call, the quoting, engagement with the office, the build, the contract and payment terms, the management of the site, the responsiveness and coordination of the team and the value for money.

We made the usual requests for quotes to various potential suppliers ranging from general builders to specialists like Loftplan. Some came back with a rudimentary quote and as expected the prices quoted varied by 20-30%.

Now, when I look at renovating or extending my home, I always approach it from the basis that I’m not buying flatpack furniture that ‘does a job’ but doesn’t stay stable for very long. What I want is a robust product, that I can rely on for years and keeps its shape and look and feel, in keeping with the house. For that I’m prepared to pay a fair price, as it’s an investment in the quality of my family’s life and in the value of my home.

With that being said, Loftplan isn’t the cheapest, BUT they are definitely the BEST VALUE for MONEY! The end product was exactly as I expected and our expectations were high. The workmanship was fantastic and communication with all people involved at all stages was very open and professional at all times.

From this point on I’m going to walk you through all the stages, as not only were we so happy with the final result, we were also very happy with the steps at every stage.

The salesman who came to the house, had a genuine interest in our home and what we wanted to achieve, unlike most of the others who had a cursory look and eventually provided a quote. What impressed me more were the amount and level of qualifying questions from the Loftplan salesman – Alan Miller, which made me feel like the quote I would receive was based on what I wanted rather than on what someone else wanted to do to our home. Especially important was the insistence on planning and process being checked with our solicitor and others – many questions that I would never think to ask, but were important to know the answers to.

The quote was sent promptly, and the terms and payment schedule set out very clearly. There were no surprises before, during or after the build, which confirmed the level of professionalism and integrity that Loftplan displayed from start to finish.  Once we’d placed our order, the build started as planned and from the scaffolders through to the second fitters all kept to plan.

My wife is asthmatic and is always very conscious of dust in the air affecting her breathing, and what was impressive compared to other building work we’ve had in the past, was the almost entire absence of dirt and dust in or around the house throughout. So much of the work was carried out from the outside-in, and until they had to come through the inside ceiling to put the stairs in, there was no intrusion. Considering the build happened in the coldest winter in 30 years, we weren’t even affected by the temperature dropping in the house! The dust was also minimal and the clean up afterwards each day was like they owned our home.

All the way through, the teams who came to carry out their specialist roles worked hard, and were always available and open to questions and give us the answers and explanations. Always very polite and kept us informed of any hiccups – for example when materials would turn up, how much of it and whether it would arrive early or be delayed.

Back to the office team, and we had an issue with the local council who were particularly unhelpful and uncooperative and bloody minded at one stage. The extra mile that Loftplan’s office team put in to help us get necessary drawings, paperwork, talk to various third parties and share their advice and experience on what to do was above and beyond what I would have expected, and of no additional benefit to themselves, but only to us – their customer.

The end result is that we now have a beautiful home extended into the roof, that flows nicely from the first floor to the second floor. The kids love their new rooms and the finishing is great – from the velux windows, the under-eaves cupboards and the general finish.

Finally, if anyone asks about loft conversions, I do not hesitate to recommend Loftplan. You get what you pay for in all walks of life and all professions and I would urge anyone who is contemplating getting their loft converted to use these guys. As a customer I gave them 5 stars and would give 6 if I could. Working in an industry myself where customer service for the long-term success of our business is paramount, I also learned a few good habits from Loftplan that I have taken into my own business. Thanks



Henry Godwin, Wokingham,

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