We have just had a wonderful loft bedroom and ensuite built by Loftplan and are so pleased with the results.

First of all the salesman who quoted was excellent. We looked into quotes before we had even moved in to the house, and the quote and waiting time were both accurate and reasonable.

The scaffolding arrived just before Christmas,and gave us something to hang our lights off! From the scaffolders to the builders, plasterers, plumbers electricians etc etc who worked on the build,they were polite and hardworking, Alex and John the builders came to work one day in February, scraped the snow off the roof and started work.

The way of working,which involved not having to enter the house until the staircase was built was great as the build started a week into the 3rd lockdown,and we had myself and two teenagers working online throughout the build.

Nothing was too much trouble for Alex and John (as long as you kept warming them up with black coffee with two sugars) They worked hard, not missing a day. They kept us informed of what was going to happen when, as did the first fix manager. The only thing I would say is that we had to make some decisions quite early on and it was difficult to envisage what it was going to look like, particularly as due to movement issues I couldn’t climb the ladder up to the loft. Some sort of VR would be useful for seeing how the space was going to look, when picking bathrooms etc. We made an error with where we put the radiator due to this, leaving no space for wardrobes, although Loftplan were quick to rectify this and moved the radiator at no extra charge.

The organisational skills of Loftplan were fantastic. Very little time was lost as materials were always there when needed and plumbers etc scheduled when necessary.

Once Alex and John had finished it was time for the staircase and the plastering. The staircase and ceiling were a work of art, very Gaudi-esque, and once again very well built. The knocking through was no where near as disruptive or as messy as we expected, mostly due to the care taken and the hoovering which was done faithfully at the end of every day!

Kevin the 2nd fix guy, was thorough and detailed in his list of snags, and everything was carefully completed or repaired by Brian, who had a great attention to detail. Nothing was rushed and it did take slightly longer than the 12 week estimate, but it was well worth it.

My only slight criticism is that,once the initial build was completed, things slowed down quite a bit and communication was not always as good as we would have liked, although being in the middle of a lockdown didn’t help!

The end result is a lovely room which certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. I felt they cared about the room as much as we did and, on the whole, every member of Loft plan staff were polite, hardworking and great at their job.

True craftsmen.



Helen Strong, Emmer Green,

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