Loftplan have done a brilliant job turning my loft into a beautiful bedroom and bathroom. I am delighted with it.

At every stage I was consulted on the detail to make sure I got the result that I wanted.

All the teams worked hard and were polite and considerate. A particular shout must go out to Dean and Lee who ended up doing the work, with my agreement, during Covid lock down. They did a great construction job, kept socially distanced, accommodated the sleep time of a baby next door, and always cleaned up meticulously every day. And they held the ladder for me when I dared to go up and see what they had been up to!

Having major work done in your house during a pandemic is tricky, but managers Bob and Kevin visited and kept me informed at every stage.

There were unavoidable difficulties with getting materials at some points, like the national shortage of plaster, but Loftplan went out of their way to access and collect them, sometimes far away from their normal suppliers.

I would thoroughly recommend them.



Eileen Gorrod, Winchester,

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