We signed on with Loftplan for a relatively large loft conversion after evaluating three different loft conversion companies. We did not regret our choice. Not only was their price more reasonable than the others, but on or just after our first appointment we received a representative sketch of the design from the initial salesman which was quite different to the approach of others. This allowed us to visualise what we’d be building and it helped greatly, because we had a concept in mind and they also bought into the concept and design and helped make it work while giving their advice on things we could never know.

The whole build happens in phases, first fitters do most of the heavy rafter work, second fitters do the interior works, there’s electricians, plumbers, plasterers, roofers, the list is quite long and each has their specialisms.

Everyone we met is happy and enjoy working for Loftplan which is then reflected in their approach to work and the quality. Everyone took care to do the best they could and we were very pleasantly surprised by some things which showed care of design, such as the external hanging tiles which we arranged in a really pleasant design that we weren’t expecting.

We also put central air conditioning into the space and down to the first floor bedrooms, which meant working and coordinating with a separate company. It wasn’t simple, but they did it with grace and good humour when diaries didn’t line up, albeit occasionally frustrating for all involved.

As usual with any such project, there were one or two surprises along the way. The stairs didn’t quite work out how we anticipated, but they realised the design wasn’t working and came back and moved them at their own time and expense. The result is much better. The whole project took longer than we (and they) expected, but it’s a big project so I believe it was calculated in to their staffing and at no time did we feel under any pressure that their staff were here a lot. In reality we wanted them to move faster because it was a long time to have scaffolding around the house and people coming in and out, but our approach was we’d rather get it done right and suffer the extra time, because over the years we’d forget about the extra time but the buildout is here until the house falls down.

One area that was a surprise was they do not install what we’d consider a pretty standard upmarket bathroom, i.e. heated floor, walk in shower. They put all the fixtures in and were really accommodating when we changed our mind from an electric towel rail to dual-fuel, but they don’t lay tiled floors or deal with glass shower enclosures. This became an extra cost that we absorbed and of course further coordination between two different companies.

However, we feel like we paid the price they stated, but they delivered above and beyond.

If we could give any advise, be available as much as possible. There were many decisions to be made and if we had not been available to ask, they’d have made their best estimate of what we might have wanted, but being present most days meant we were consulted on just about everything.

Of course we supplied many cups of coffee, the occasional bacon sandwich and lunch, and it was all very graciously received. Everyone we worked with, we’d be happy to invite for a BBQ and a beer, that’s just how great everyone was.

We’ve had very few issues since, but each time we have called for something, they are here within a few hours or a couple of days.

This a company that does what it says it will, takes care and pride in what it delivers, comes back when the job is complete and employs staff with a great approach to their job. We are happy to refer them to everyone who would ask.



Chris Harvey, Fleet,

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