We previously lived in Egham and Loftplan did a great job for us so for our current home they were at the top of the list to get a quote from.

They were competitively priced and really clever with the design to maximise space whilst being sensible on cost so we booked them to do the work.

All the staff that worked on the project were professional and friendly and Kevin and the team were always available to get updates and make sure we were up to speed on progress and what was coming next.

We’re delighted with the space – it’s absolutely brilliant and we only lost a little bit of space downstairs, which in any case provides some useful storage.

I think the best thing about Loftplan is that they stuck absolutely to the competitive price they quoted.

Our house was built in the 1970s and added onto several times before we bought. It’s a bit unusual to work with and once the work started a few things came to light that neither we nor Loftplan knew about in terms of the structure. However Loftplan solved all the problems they encountered without trying to renegotiate on price. They even dealt with some changes that were down to us changing our minds on bits and pieces without charging extra.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use Loftplan again.



Charles Hodgson, Bagshot,

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