I am a property developer who was first introduced to Loftplan by a member of my family.

I was impressed by the quality of workmanship and the speed of the conversion. This was a large project, two rooms and a large bathroom in a 1920’s house.The design made the most of the space and included Juliette and Velux roof balconies giving a penthouse feel to the conversion.

Since then I have always used Loftplan for my projects in South Bucks and have never been disappointed. The quality of workmanship has been exemplary and the projects have been completed and on time.

My largest project involved the creation of 2 one bedroom flats in the roof space of an office conversion and my smallest a simple one bed en suite in a 3 bed semi.

I have confidence that whatever loft conversion I need Loftplan will be able to deliver a well designed quality product at a competitive price.


Ann Wilton, Warrener Properties, High Wycombe,

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