Dear David,

You are aware that we are very satisfied with the loft conversion that you completed for us some months ago.  However, I thought that I would write this letter for your file which you may wish to show to future potential customers.

It was with some trepidation that we agreed to have part of the loft converted to a sitting room, bedroom and shower room, because we expected, despite your reassurances, that the place would be a mess until the work was completed.

Our fears were unfounded.  You were able to carry out all the work through the new window openings and the rest of the house was left undisturbed.  Finally, the stairs were installed with a minimum of disruption.

We would like to compliment you for your supervision and attention to detail and your team for being so pleasant and efficient.

We would be pleased to welcome any serious potential client who may wish to see an example of your work.

Wishing you and all your staff the best.

With kind regards,


Alun Evans, Guildford,