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September 18, 2015

Simple ways to spruce up your loft

Home improvement doesn’t have to be a difficult outing – no matter what the size of the area you’re decorating is. At Loftplan we are enthusiastic about the ins and outs of loft conversions, from initial design through to the final touches that make the conversion part of your home.

With this in mind, the team at Loftplan has put together a list of recommendations for your loft’s decoration. Time to get creative!

Keep colour in mind

There are opposing views over whether a room’s colour scheme should be at the start or the end of the decoration process – we’d recommend whichever suits your project the most. One move to avoid however would be introducing a colour scheme midway through your project – it may match with early additions but clash with later ones.

Shop for your project

Attractive rugs and tables may look great on their own in-store or online, but remember that you’re purchasing them for a wider project. With this in consideration, keep a picture of your loft project with you when you’re browsing the aisles, or carry out your online shopping in the project space so you can stay grounded and avoid any spurious purchases.

Avoid overcrowding

This is similar to the previous point made – simply remember your loft project’s design and spatial capacity before you begin stocking up on large numbers of nick-nacks and curios. If you still want to convey a sense of character and busyness, invest in a display cabinet in order to keep your possessions in a safe space where they won’t get lost or broken.

Establish an anchor

It may be a coffee table, item of furniture, a bed or a bath; whatever your loft’s anchor is, make sure it’s a strong anchor that holds the room together well. You can shore up the centrepiece of your loft with additions, such as throw pillows for beds and decorative covers for tables.

It’s easy to rush decorations and write them off as frivolous, but if you plan accordingly and remember the fundamentals, the decoration stage of your loft project can be the most enjoyable.

About Loftplan

Established in 1990, Loftplan have been successfully bringing lofts to life for 30 years, and are the leading loft conversions specialist in the south of England.

Loftplan provide a professional services with a bespoke design through to high quality craftsmanship resulting in a completed loft conversion ready for you to decorate. We provide attentive customer care to ensure that your loft conversion is created to achieve its greatest potential with the aim of installing it with both efficiency and minimal inconvenience yo you.

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