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October 2, 2015

How to cope with building work in your home

The team at Loftplan carry out around 20 loft conversions a month. Some jobs are bigger than others but we know that families often struggle with having a large building project going on at their home. In this blogpost we’ll give you the best tips that we’ve learned in 20 years on the job on how to cope.

Firstly, the biggest tip we can offer is that you let Loftplan do the work for your family. Our team is clean and tidy and very health and safety conscious. We’ve also got lots and lots of experience in doing loft conversions, and seeing them to completion. This is why we’re the number one loft conversion company in the South of England. So, that’s tip number one – hire the best.


Switzerland was neutral during the war. We know what you’re thinking, what’s the war have to do with having a loft conversion? Well, it’s a good tip to keep one room in your house neutral. One room that’s not touched by any building work at all. This is a room where you and the family can go to relax and take it easy.

As we’ve said, the Loftplan team are tidy workers, and we aim to make minimum mess and impact on your daily lives while we’re doing your loft conversion. But, a loft conversion is a major build, and you may find that the house will be impacted by the work going on, that’s where Switzerland comes in. We’d advise that you keep one downstairs room off limits to the builders. This is a room where you can relax while we do the building work.

Holidays for the pets

We love dogs, cats and all animals here at Loftplan. However, during major building work it might be better for your pets if they stay with a relative or go on a doggy holiday to the kennels. The last thing we want is to inconvenience you or your pets, but animals who have the run of the garden or drive might get distressed by the building work going on in their territory, it’s best to consider a good dog or cat sitter while building work is going on.


Depending on what sort of loft conversion work is going on, you may lose access to your bath/shower/water for a period of time. The team at Loftplan are very experienced in this and we’ll make sure that this is only for a short period and has minimum impact on your day-to-day life while the building work is taking place.

Cuppa for the workers

We often find our customers are really kind and want to make our team tea and biscuits while we work. It’s a great British tradition to make tea for the workmen, but really, don’t worry. Our team always come fully stocked up with our own beverages and we don’t want to put you the homeowner to any trouble.

If you’re interested in a loft conversion, contact Loftplan for a quote today.

About Loftplan

Established in 1990, Loftplan have been successfully bringing lofts to life for 30 years, and are the leading loft conversions company in the south of England. We offer a professional service which includes a custom design, high quality craftsmanship, and attentive customer care. We are always on hand to answer any questions which you may have during any part of the process. We aim to complete all loft conversions with both efficiency and minimal inconvenience to you.


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