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November 5, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Loft Conversion Safety

Here at Loftplan we like to make sure that you know all about every inch of your loft conversion, and that includes your safety when you are enjoying your new space.

Windows and doors don’t only look good, but they are a vital safety feature too. In this post we will go through the essentials you will need to consider when planning your new loft conversion.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are essential in loft conversions.  You will need to change any existing doors in the loft to fire doors, and any new doors added to the loft also need to be fire rated.

Building regulations state that you need to create a safe corridor from the loft to the outside of the building, the best way of doing this would be to change all existing doors on rooms on the escape route to fire doors.

The reason for fitting fire doors is to provide an escape corridor between the loft and the external door, ensuring that if there was a fire anywhere in the house, those in the loft conversion could make a safe exit.

Door Closers

Building Regulations now allow fire doors to be fitted without self-closers, as some homeowners didn’t like the way they look. The really important thing to remember with fire doors is to use them properly. This means keeping them closed to protect the escape route, particularly at night.


All loft conversions require a window through which a person could escape if the stairway does not, for some reason, provide a safe escape route.  Building Regulations state that window openings must be 450mm or wider to comply with this.

These windows should be supplied with non-locking fasteners, which are also available on standard windows for use in fire escape situations. Release Restrictors are also recommended.

Escape windows in the loft should be easy to access and be close to eaves level, which is vital in case of a rescue from the outside

In large homes with a loft floor area of more than 50m², or more than two rooms used for living space, it’s best to check with local Building Control as other fire safety requirements may be applicable.

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