We have been delighted with the loft conversion and the amazing additional space that it has given us.
Every one was very helpful from the start of the project right through to the end, and including the little snagging bits that needed finishing off.
The loft conversion was a major bit of work and I was quite concerned about having half a roof removed, but James and his team were brilliant and put up all the framework for the new Dormer before our roof tiles were removed.
The new flat roof and all the Dormer walls were built with amazing speed, I was very relieved and pleased.
I can honestly say it was a pleasure to have the workmen in and on the house, they were so polite and helpful… I think it helped that I was around the house most of the time to answer any queries, and then there wasn’t any hold ups.
Obviously there was some noise and dust flying about, particularly because we decided to have our original staircase completely removed and a new one installed to match the one going up to the new 2nd floor. Both of these were built and installed by Loftplan.
The overall look is fabulous! We are really pleased with our new bedroom and en-suite and we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering a similar project.

Helen Gee, Godalming,