We engaged on a project with Loftplan to convert the remaining loft space in our house that’s 250 years old. Due to this, the process involved planning, conservation area, bat surveys, (us changing specs) etc…. needless to say – not straightforward.

We wanted an additional room, large landing space with glass surroundings and a number of built in cupboards. It was key that the finish fitted with the rest of the house, retaining key features such as beams and a pole!

Once the project was underway, the tradesmen involved were all outstanding. Different teams came in to carry out specialist elements and all were very professional and kept us updated at all times.

All resources were very personable and any questions we had, they answered and sorted any niggles along the way. They fitted in easily at our house and were nice people to have around. We had a couple of things on our snag list – again all resolved very quickly.

All in all it ran really well and we are delighted with the overall finish.

Fleur Parker, Basingstoke,