What Is A Dormer Loft Conversion?

Dormer window with pitched and flat roofs are designed to provide headroom or to enhance the appearance of the property. All our loft conversions are designed to suit each clients requirements, whether it is for an additional bedroom, new office or another use.

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rear full dormer

Custom Designed Dormers

Dormers can be designed in various shapes and sizes to fit the style of the house and meet the homeowner’s needs. Common dormer types include flat roof dormers, rear full dormer and gable fronted dormers.

Loft Conversion Design

Add Value To Your Home

A dormer loft conversion can add value to your home. A loft which was previously had little headroom can be transformed into a useable room. The addition of dormer windows brings in more natural light and ventilation and making the loft area more comfortable.

Construction of Loft Conversion

Loftplan Guarantee

We offer a full ten year guarantee with an after sales service which is second to none. Our 10 year structural warranty gives you peace of mind that your home is in safe hands.

Completed hip to gable loft conversion

All our dormer loft conversions are fully bespoke and we ensure your

new loft room is designed to meet your specific requirements.

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