We are super delighted with our new loft completed in 2020 by Loftplan. We decided to go with Loftplan based on recommendation from our neighbour who had their loft done a couple of years before. We did get a quote from another loft provider and although less expensive, that other company didn’t come across to us as having as much experience.

Our loft comprised of an additional two rooms, bathroom, crowned dormer and a new landing space on the middle floor.

The team at Loftplan clearly are experienced and confident with building lofts! The process took longer than expected but that was primarily due to the pandemic.

We felt we were in very safe hands throughout the whole process from start to finish.

The first phase was done by the highly experienced Iain and his labourer partner Joe who created the actual loft from architectural plans under the experienced supervision of Bob.

The second phase which primarily involved the carpentry, plumbing, electrics and finishing was done by a number of different people under the experienced supervision of Kevin.

The best thing about the process was how Loftplan take care of everything! The architects plan, building control, scaffolding, deliveries, roofing, plumbing, electrics, joinery work. We didn’t have to project manage anything and just took direction from Loftplan around what to expect and what to do.

They always answered our questions and fixed any issues promptly. We asked for some additional paid work i.e doors, replacement of existing banister, additional lights and integrated cupboard which was done at a fair price and to a very high standard.

We felt that Loftplan are trustworthy and professional and totally committed to delivery!

Here are my tips :
1. Get a local skip provider
2. Get a local outdoor toilet provider if required.
3. Buy in tea , coffee, biscuits and canned drinks !
4. Be prompt with the staged payments schedule provided.
5. Ask questions in person/ communicate with the guys , preferably at the start of the working day.
6. In the initial plan, make sure you factor in all lights and switches and changes to the existing floor which leads up the the new floor space.

Viresh Doshi, Maidenhead,

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