Every single stage of my loft conversion was made as smooth as possible, every single professional who I dealt with was friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, hard working and excellent at what they did, from having a laugh with the scaffolders on a stressful day, to the carpenter who spent as long as I needed talking through all of the options and had endless patience and incredible skill.

On occasion the guys went over and above helping me out with issues they really didn’t have to- like the internal door I needed from my garage that turned out to be behind a huge mountain of things that I would have really struggled to get at, no problem! It really was the little things that made my life so much easier!

Communication was clear, constant and helpful, with everything continuously overseen by extremely helpful, professional, thorough and friendly management, with frequent visits and communication and the knowledge that they were always at the end of the phone!

Nothing on this project became a problem because it was sorted swiftly before it could become a problem!

They didn’t sign off after final payment until I was 100% satisfied with every single thing, and at no point did I ever feel anything was too much to ask.

I have been so impressed with every aspect of Loftplan, including and most importantly the finished room! I did not imagine I’d be saying this but I actually miss having them around!

Never have I felt compelled to recommend any business as much.

Loftplan are all round exceptional at what they do.



Victoria Hanks, Fleet,

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