I chose Loftplan as friends and colleagues of mine had also had their lofts converted and were very complimentary, this goes a long way to ensuring your investment will work.

Whilst Covid was amongst us the team, Dan & Bill who did the structure in fact all the hard work were lovely, they kept me informed throughout, were punctual and would provide very valuable feedback on questions we needed answering.

Bob who looks after the builds, well he was great in his advice and would keep the team abreast of any discussions/changes that were required.

The electricians, I forget their names were also great and again offered sound advice whilst drinking my tea & coffee…..

Big shout out to Martin the chippy, what a nice person and worked like a Trojan in building my new wardrobe, stairs, skirting etc etc you did a great job.

Kev for keeping me informed along the way and Alan for plumbing in my bathroom.

Thanks Everyone i am so pleased with my new bedroom en suite its like living in a fancy hotel room.



Nicola Dunbar, Reading,

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