Loftplan recently converted my loft space into 2 double bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom. I am very impressed with the results because I have a stunning space that blends in with the original house, is soundly built and did not cost the earth. My overall conclusion is that Loftplan offer quality and excellent value for money. The project supervisors Bob and Kevin were always friendly and approachable and their extensive experience meant they could often come up with creative solutions to any problems that arose.

I realised that being a large company they needed to manage resources across many projects at the same time which was no easy task, so a special thanks must go to them.

My experience can be summarised as follows:

1. Finding a builder you can trust with your hard earned cash is difficult. Loftplan are large enough company that have been around a long enough which gave me confidence that my money was in safe hands. I also visited a previous customer who did not hesitate in recommending them.
2. I was worried about potential damage to the existing house which I feared was too weak to take the additional strain and vibration of the loft work. I was told not to worry because they would take every precaution to protect the existing house. I was very impressed to find that not a single crack has appeared in a ceiling. The workers were extremely careful and worked quickly to get the roof fully watertight within days of starting work.
3. Staircase design is key to a successful loft conversion. The staircase Loftplan designed for my house looks as if it was meant to be there since the house was first built. It is of exceptional quality and beauty and actually makes the landing area feel lighter and more spacious than before. Quite an incredible achievement. The time and effort taken to ensure the mouldings matched the existing house is another example of how Loftplan often over delivered. I had researched several loft companies and Loftplan were the only company who manufacture their staircases in-house. I could not be happier with the results.
4. Having builders in your private space week after week inevitably takes its toll and nerves can be fraught at times. I work from home so that was a particular challenge. There were occasional differences of opinion but Loftplan were patient with me and always tried to deliver what I asked for. I was very particular about the specification because I wanted the new loft to blend in with the original Edwardian house. Loftplan exceeded my expectations and I can’t believe how many people stop, look up and remark what a fantastic roof they have built for me.
5. Loftplan have clearly refined a formula for delivering high quality loft conversions at affordable prices. They delivered on their promises and the results are first class in every way.

Graham Wilkinson, Hampton,