Loftplan Reviews

Here at Loftplan, we’ve received countless reviews and testimonials from our happy customers, and we’re very proud to display a selection of them on our website.

“We are delighted with the outcome of our loft extension. The whole process has been stress free for us. Bob and Kevin kept us informed all the way through the project.

Simon and Harry worked so hard on our main build always  briefing and debriefing us about each day. Everyone behaved professionally and politely.

Also thank you to all the many other skilled staff that worked on the various parts of the job.

Thank you Nicola for arranging skips etc and keeping us up to date with paperwork.”

Helen and Derek



Mr & Mrs Day, Lightwater,

We are so pleased with our Loftplan extension where we added two sizeable bedrooms a feature staircase, a shower room and we still managed to retain 3 foot of loftspace up top for storage.

We feel it’s worth giving this business a shout out for their design and building quality.

We are absolutely delighted with the service and quality provided by this business for our loft project that is proving to withstand time and the constantly inclement weather perfectly.



Francis McFadden, Aldershot,

We had a full loft conversion with a dormer in the rear. This started June 2020. This was just as the COVID19 pandemic was in full swing.

In terms of quality of the build we are, so far, very impressed. we don’t believe quality was skimped on and we were very impressed that the Project Manager who worked for Loftplan would see issues which we had noticed but not specifically mentioned and got them rectified even though in some instances this was clearly going to cost Loftplan.

The quality of the various tradespersons (scaffolders, carpenters, plumber, electricians, plasterers……etc.) ranged from highly competent to exceptional. They were all very friendly, courteous and professional. It’s hard to single any out as they were all so nice and good at what they do but Michael and Andy who did the bulk of the construction deserve special praise as does the PM Bob “the builder”. Alan the Plumber and Brian the Carpenter also deserve a particular shout out as does Kevin the 2nd stage PM.

Any hiccups (there will always be some with such projects) were dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our payments were staggered so we paid after a particular milestone had been reached so we were never in fear that we were going to lose our money. The fact that Loftplan was doing it all meant we did not have to worry that an overrun of one bit of work would involve us having to reschedule other bits of work and potentially rack up extra costs e.g. If we had undertaken this using separate contractors and there was an overrun the scaffolders would have fairly said they need more money for the extra rental time of the scaffold.

We have very high standards when it comes to customer care which rarely get met. However on this occasion they were met and what should be by all rights quite a stressful project ended up not being that stressful.

We have absolutely no qualms in recommending Loftplan and wish them all the best.



Caroline Carpenter, Chobham,

We have be been very happy with our loft conversion which was done by Loftplan.

It has given us the space we needed and several other families, who have seen our loft, have done the same.



Sarah Perrin, Winchester,