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Oxford is a city in Oxfordshire with many opportunities in business, lifestyle, and education, with the University. At Loftplan, we believe in providing more opportunities for you to enhance your home with our Oxford loft conversion services.

Located north of Newbury and Didcot, Oxford consists of a variety of different styles of houses.  Whether you have a small-period home that needs more usable space or a modern family home that you don’t want to grow out of, converting your loft could be the solution. At Loftplan, we’re masters of converting underutilised attics into a functional, chic living space with lots of natural lighting and panoramic views.

Loft Conversion Benefits: Transform Your Home and Lifestyle

A new loft conversion can vastly improve the usability of a property, making it a brilliant investment for savvy homeowners. This is especially important in Oxford as some older homes tend to lack the space needed for modern lifestyles. Turning loft space into useful liveable areas is ideal if you are running low rooms. Your extra living space can be used as anything from an extra bedroom with an en-suite bathroom to entertainment rooms.

Most loft conversions add value to a property helping to increase property prices should you decide to sell in the future. As well as offering you an affordable way to extend your home environment, loft conversions can be completely personalised, allowing you to put your own stamp on a home. Storage space can be built into the design allowing those Christmas decorations to be hidden away.

Modern loft conversions are designed to be sustainable, using energy-efficient fittings and sustainable materials. Adding an extension to your home can save you the stress and expenses of moving while giving you more space. Every home is unique, and your loft conversion should reflect your lifestyle and preferences. Our team of leading loft conversion specialists will work closely with you to create a stunning loft conversion that meets your exact requirements.

Why Loftplan?

We are an experienced loft conversion company and will work with the local authorities to obtain the required planning permission and building regulations. Offering excellent customer service we provide the complete loft conversion package which will transform your home. We manage the complete project including a new staircase to ensure your loft conversion flows seamlessly with the rest of your home.

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From dormer conversions, ideal for older properties, to mansard conversions that are perfect for new-builds, we offer a solution for any need. If you are considering a home extension then don’t let your valuable attic space go to waste. Experience the excellence of Loftplans’ loft conversions in Oxford.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation or call us on 0800 614 276. The expert advice from our designers will talk you through how best to maximise the space in your house. Discover what our customers are saying by reading our Loftplan reviews and testimonials.

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