Newbury Loft Conversion

Newbury has many features which appeal to the buyer. One of the first may be that it is so close to Oxford, or that for such a small town it has some of the best private schools in the surrounding areas. There are many reasons why people never seem to regret their Newbury loft conversion. It has been reported that in April last year there was a 9.9% rise in house prices compared to the year before. It is small towns like these, with their surrounding countryside and beautiful thatched cottages that make it perfect places for many people to invest a small chunk they were saving to move and increase the value of the home they already love and cherish. When it is time to sell, there is no doubt that you will love your Newbury loft conversion.

Newbury has in fact become one of our prime locations for customers who do choose to go down extension route. At Loftplan we have had numerous recommendations from neighbours who say they are impressed with the work we did on their road and would love their own beautiful 2 new bedrooms and en-suite bathroom. From the moment our designers greet you in your home to the very last screw being fitted on your door, our team is fully dedicated to attention to detail and making sure you are nothing but pleased with your spacious and warm Newbury loft conversion. So if happiness is what your home needs, then go ahead and put life in your loft, with Loftplan.

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