Croydon Loft Conversion

Just sitting on the edge of South London and Surrey, Croydon has much to offer when it comes to the surrounding areas and making yourself a home there. With a Croydon loft conversion you could be saving time and money by simply converting the empty space into a room that the whole family can enjoy.

The way we work at Loftplan is simple; you can simply fill out one of our online customer forms to first give us some information about your property and we will get back to you straight away to arrange an appointment for your Croydon loft conversion. From there you will be visited by one of our highly skilled designers who will spent 45 minutes to an hour going through everything you need to know – for free!

Converting Your Loft

If you choose to go ahead with the works it will usually take 4-6 weeks to see your home transform into the dream that you want it to be. Your Croydon loft conversion could be the key to a comfortable and spacious additional room(s) and should you choose to sell your property in the future it will give your home that extra glint.

With over 25 years’ experience and many satisfied customers, you will be in no better hands for your Croydon loft conversion than Loftplan.

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