Loftplan Reviews

Here at Loftplan, we’ve received countless reviews and testimonials from our happy customers, and we’re very proud to display a selection of them on our website.

Dear David,

You are aware that we are very satisfied with the loft conversion that you completed for us some months ago.  However, I thought that I would write this letter for your file which you may wish to show to future potential customers.

It was with some trepidation that we agreed to have part of the loft converted to a sitting room, bedroom and shower room, because we expected, despite your reassurances, that the place would be a mess until the work was completed.

Our fears were unfounded.  You were able to carry out all the work through the new window openings and the rest of the house was left undisturbed.  Finally, the stairs were installed with a minimum of disruption.

We would like to compliment you for your supervision and attention to detail and your team for being so pleasant and efficient.

We would be pleased to welcome any serious potential client who may wish to see an example of your work.

Wishing you and all your staff the best.

With kind regards,


Alun Evans, Guildford,

Dear Loftplan,

We are writing to thank you for the excellent work that your company has done in carrying out our loft conversion.  Like many customers, I expect, we had not had work done of this nature before and we obtained several quotes from local builders and other specialist companies before making a decision.  We felt confident in choosing Loftplan both because of your professional approach and the references we received from past customers.

We have not regretted this initial decision and from the first day until completion were pleased with your management of the job and the commitment, skill and hard work of Kevin and Alex, even extending to their diplomacy in successfully dealing with our ageing and somewhat difficult next door neighbour.  It is also unusual to have work done on time, within budget and of high quality.

We now have to do some decorating and I only hope that we can match your standards!  If you would like to use this letter as a reference we are more than happy for you to do so.

We wish you continuing success.

Yours sincerely,

James and Rosie Wilkinson

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson, Windsor,

Dear Loftplan Team,

We would just like to write and say how pleased we have been with our loft extension and more recently the kitchen extension.  On both occasions we have been impressed with your firms professionalism.

Your workers have been efficient, cooperative, polite and utterly trustworthy throughout.  We very much appreciate how thoughtful everyone has been recently during the ‘kitchen’ project which coincided with my mothers illness.

All aspects of the building work have been carried out just as we wanted and we would thank you also for your excellent ‘after-care’.

We would not hesitate to recommend Loftplan to anyone, as indeed we already have.

Thank you again for the excellent service and for giving our house a new lease of life which we couldn’t have imagined a year ago!

Yours sincerely,

Jane & Chris Leigh

Mr & Mrs Leigh, Didcot,

Dear Loftplan,

At long last the furniture has arrived and we have now made the final conversion from ‘cardboard city’ (thus named for the number of cardboard boxes) to our luxury bedroom.

Everybody we have shown the ‘suite’ to have been impressed by the accommodation we have gained and the overall design of the conversion.  It was very interesting talking to Bob, in particular, about various aspects of the structure and its construction.

When first talking to you, you did make a point of saying that you worked mainly from the outside and made as little intrusion and mess as possible.  Whilst not disbelieving you, I think we had some reservations on that front.  I must say now that it is rare to find construction workers with so much consideration for the existing property and the people who live in it.

Similarly the entire project was kept on schedule, with the exception of the small delay in the internal decorations caused by our frequent mind changing over the bathroom, which you tolerated commendably.

To say we are delighted with the overall result would be an understatement and would be only too pleased for you to come and see the finished, furnished product.

We cannot thank you and your workforce enough for your efficiency, thoroughness and flexibility.

Yours sincerely,


David Foster, Farnham,